Celebrating Our Team — Natasha Price

Celebrating Our Team — Natasha Price
November 11, 2022 Team Morones
Morones Analytics 2022 - team profile Natasha Price

Morones Analytics 2022 - team profile Natasha PricePhoto: Natasha with her daughter and puppy

As we celebrate our firm’s 20th anniversary in 2022, we celebrate each of our team members. These monthly profiles are a way to learn about each of our financially-savvy forensic sharpshooters outside the office.


Natasha has lived in Ohio for most of her life. She grew up in Galion, between Cleveland and Columbus, but spent a lot of time in the small town of Waterford at her grandparents’ home close to the West Virginia border. Coming from a large family, she has fond memories of fun gatherings and playing in the woods or the river all day with her older brother and many cousins.

She recently bought her grandparents’ house they built 70 years ago, down the road from her great-grandparents’ farm. Her family has lived along that same road for decades, and even now, most of them are within five miles of each other. Because it’s such a special place, she wanted to hold on to it now that her grandparents have passed. Natasha has a 14-year-old daughter Aliyah (Ali for short) who is loving her new home that they share with a bunny and puppy.

It was during high school when Natasha took accounting classes that she discovered that’s what she wanted to do. After her sophomore year, she moved in with her grandparents to take community college classes where her uncle was an accounting professor. She earned an associate degree upon graduating high school and then her bachelor’s degree in business administration as an accounting major from Ohio University. After graduating college, she worked for an oil and gas company doing general ledger work, financial statements, and a software conversion, gaining a solid foundation about the back end of accounting systems and how everything should work.

Natasha joined the business valuation team at Morones Analytics earlier this year as a valuation associate, bringing two decades of experience digging into the numbers and untangling the most complex accounting issues. She was previously a controller and held other accounting roles in the oil and gas industry, which is one of the most complex from an accounting standpoint.


First jobs in high school and college: Started with babysitting and then got a job at a local grocery store deli during high school where her aunt still works. Natasha continued working at the deli during her holiday breaks from college when they needed the extra help.

Hobbies: Outdoorsy activities like hiking. She also got her daughter hooked on ziplining, which is something they do whenever they travel.

Favorite quote:Seek not to understand that you may believe but believe that you may understand.” – Saint Augustine

Best thing about working with the Morones Analytics team: The team at Morones Analytics is just a genuinely outstanding group of people. Everyone is so incredibly talented and compassionate. They elevate each other not only professionally but personally as well.” — Natasha Price