Jeffrey Cone

Jeffrey Cone


Jeff Cone is a data expert who has been conducting both forensic accounting and data investigations for 30+ years after serving as an auditor with two international accounting firms.

Jeff has worked on a wide variety of both civil and criminal matters and testifies in federal and state courts. His cases require an understanding and analysis of large sets of electronic data that is now prevalent in commercial and criminal matters. He works on cases that involve millions of records and he has the tools to thoroughly interpret the data and identify the issues.

Jeff helps clients by producing responsive data sets and making sure the right data is requested and received. He has also developed software to efficiently process and analyze large data sets, and to assist with reconstructing accounting records and analyzing complex accounting issues.

Selected Litigation Engagements

  • Formulated deposition questions to challenge an opposing QuickBooks expert’s conclusion that accounting records had been modified leading to the dismissal of the matter.
  • Imported and analyzed over six million records from a JD Edwards job cost database as part of developing a construction cost claim exceeding $1 billion.
  • Imported, combined and analyzed over 30 million timekeeping records from both DOS-based and Kronos Oracle based systems to identify instances where the length of employee breaks was inconsistent with the requirements of the employment contract.
  • Obtained, compiled and analyzed repayment histories of sub-prime mortgages originated, packaged and sold as Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) by a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company to identify the degree to which the CDO’s were not performing as expected.
  • Reconstructed into electronic form the paper and microfiche financial records of a Berkshire-Hathaway insurance subsidiary in a dispute with the IRS which denied a deduction for a portion of the interest expense on bonds issued by the company. Developed a database software program to trace cash flows related to securities and operations under various scenarios. Assisted with deposition and trial preparation.
  • Developed a document management and attorney-client privilege database system to view, manage and control production of documents in a matter involving a national law firm that was defending its actions in representing Enron partnerships whose creation and use was part of other Enron litigation. The law firm was released as part of a summary judgment motion but still needed to produce and track privilege on approximately 700,000 document pages.
  • Reconstructed and analyzed investment and accounting records for a county that filed bankruptcy after their bond portfolio was underwater by approximately $2 billion, and which then alleged that Merrill Lynch and other brokerage firms had sold them inappropriate investments. Developed a database software program that modeled and compared what would have happened if the County had engaged in “suitable” investments leading to a favorable settlement by the brokerage firm. Also developed a system to track documents and testimony

Selected Criminal “White-Collar” Engagements

  • Analyzed approximately 40,000 transactions in over 40 bank and credit card accounts used by a restaurant chain CEO accused of embezzling approximately $1 million, demonstrating that government’s listing of alleged fraudulent transactions was not thoroughly researched and that the transactions were, in fact, legitimate.
  • Combined the accounting records of approximately 600 companies and approximately 15 million transactions using specialized forensic accounting software to enable analysis of the companies on a combined basis in a matter involving the CEO of a company accused of running a Ponzi scheme related to investments in numerous assisted-living properties and other commercial properties.
  • Performed in depth analysis of accounting and related records related to allegations of having fraudulently obtained investor funds for a gold mining operation.
  • Testified in Federal District Court on matter involving allegations of filing false tax returns and not reporting overseas money transfers. Activities included identifying applicable QuickBooks files from a collection of deleted files and establishing the exact creation date of a key accounting entry in QuickBooks, reviewing and critiquing accounting and financial reporting activities of a U.S. branch of a foreign entity and the working papers of the CPA who prepared the U.S. branch non-profit tax returns, assisting attorneys with understanding of QuickBooks data and concepts, developing case and trial strategy and drafting expert testimony.


Professional Credentials & Education

  • Certified Public Accountant, Oregon (CPA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

Professional Associations

  • Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Oregon Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Prior Board Member