100 Ducks Who Made a Difference

100 Ducks Who Made a Difference
July 11, 2019 Diana Dettwyler

100 Ducks Who Made A Difference

I am deeply honored to be counted among many great change makers in Oregon Quarterly Magazine’s 100-year anniversary edition featuring 100 Ducks Who Made a Difference over the past 100 years. Thank you to Oregon Quarterly Magazine for recognizing the value of forensic accounting to the world of justice. A pioneer only succeeds, however, when other good people say yes to the vision. I would not be on this list without brilliant people who labored faithfully through many harrowing cases and made me look like the star.

Thank you, Jennifer Murphy (10 years), Kelley Kanyer (12 years), Paul Heidt (8 years), Jennifer Prager (5 years), and the newbies, Alina Niculita (3 years), Kevin Marold (2 years), Diana Dettwyler (1.5 years), Brent Boutwell and Steve Sutherland (less than 1 year). And the strongest, best life partner of all has been Tony Morones, who believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself.

I give glory to God for our favor to have made an impact, and may we have many more years of work in the world of justice.

-Serena Morones

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Morones Analytics Team Photo (Brent Boutwell, Kevin Marold, Alina Niculita, Serena Morones, Paul Heidt, Steven Sutherland, Jennifer Prager, Jennifer Murphy)