Careers at Morones Analytics

Careers at Morones Analytics

What motivates us to do the kind of work we do?

We are not ordinary accountants but are the kind of professionals who love justice and seek truth, so our work shows that. We love solving hard financial puzzles, but more importantly we value our clients and the lives and businesses represented. Since we testify in support of our conclusions, we strive to remain free from bias.

“We’ve been told time and time again our work is clear, complete and credible due to the effort we put into supporting our conclusions.” Jennifer Murphy

What is it like to work at Morones Analytics?

Working at Morones Analytics is an unusual and rewarding experience. You can expect to work in a quiet, focused environment conducive to solving complicated puzzles and collaborating with teammates, as we have found that two or three heads are better than one.  Our office environment is tranquil and flexible, providing a healthy addition to each employee’s personal life. We often utilize specialized contractors who provide just the right kind of expertise to deliver the best possible outcome to our clients.  Finally, our projects can reach dramatic conclusions as we present our expert testimony in trial.

My expectations were exceeded when I joined the team. One of the reasons I accepted the role was because of the interesting casework. The work has been engaging, but the level of talent among my coworkers is just as compelling. Everyone holds themselves and the firm to the highest of standards which makes us all better.Brent Boutwell

We love to celebrate significant professional achievements as well as recognizing an appreciate the hard work accomplished. We do that by hosting annual celebrations for each employee’s work anniversary, taking the time to affirm everyone’s qualities and talents.

We periodically taking the time to affirm each professionals accomplishments and significant achievements which is very supportive -Alina Niculita

We offer flexible working conditions with the ability to work from home, but most of our employees choose to work from our lovely office in the heart of downtown Portland right next to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Our building entrance is secured by a keypad, and our employees enjoy company paid parking nearby in the garage of their choice.

Working for a firm which supports flexible working needs helps each professional to achieve a healthy work/life balance.Paul Heidt

How do we impact our community as a firm?

The primary way we impact our community is by telling the truth in our cases so that members of the community can resolve their financial disputes. In addition, our professionals serve on industry specific boards, coach sports teams, as well as donate to and volunteer with non-profits.

I feel tremendously supported by my firm in my outside endeavors because of the flexibility to manage my schedule in a way that enables involvement in both professional and personal passions. Jennifer Prager

What it like to have a career as a forensic accountant?

When I decided to leave my traditional accounting career, I wanted to cultivate a new passion that combines my unique experiences in financial analysis and my enjoyment for resolving complex puzzles with my desire to discover and create an employment opportunity worthy of and requiring great dedication. -Kevin Marold

What’s it like to serve as an expert witness in court?

Our accountants are often called on to testify in court in support of their conclusions.

Testifying in court is a momentous, somber presentation of truth. Our goal is to know more about our financial subject, than anyone else in the courtroom. A testifying expert must prepare well for cross-examination and learn not to feel defeated by the criticism of the cross-examining attorney. Serena Morones Founder

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