Our team brings a mighty combination of financial expertise.

We’re a highly skilled team of independent CPAs and experts who answer the toughest financial questions and perform under pressure. With a background working at top global accounting firms, in-house with major corporations and as business owners, we apply decades of specialized experience and diverse talents to each case.

Our story started with a calling to truth and justice.

After reading Gunning for Justice in high school, written by famous trial lawyer Gerry Spence, Serena Morones was captivated by the stories and the battle to investigate, protect and reveal the truth, and bring justice to people who need it. With a desire to make that kind of impact, Serena started her career in forensic accounting over 30 years ago, founded Morones Analytics in 2002, and has built a strong practice and reputation ever since.

What started as a firm rooted in the Pacific Northwest has grown over the last 20 years with cases and professionals in the Midwest, Southwest, and across the country. We have professionals in Grand Rapids, MI; Cleveland, OH; San Jose, CA; and Austin, TX.

Experts & Associates