Attend on Purpose Happy Hour with Morones Analytics

Attend on Purpose Happy Hour with Morones Analytics
March 14, 2013 Morones

Thursday, March 14, 2013, Morones Analytics hosted their Attend on Purpose happy hour event. Special guest speakers were Jared Siegel and John Patton of FORGO. Friends, guests and firm members enjoyed an evening getting together with delicious appetizers, wine and beverages.

The highlight of the evening was hearing the story of the non-profit startup FORGO and how this innovative giving platform has already raised funds to help charitable causes around the world. The surprise for the speakers was an impromptu challenge put forth by one of the guests which helped raise additional capital to take Forgo to a higher level of impact.

Morones Analytics hosts periodic On-Purpose Happy Hours for the purpose of strengthening our community relationships and to inspire guests with a story of a local business person who has stretched themselves beyond the norm for the benefit of others.

To sign up for our guest list, email Rae Lynn Barela at [email protected]