Celebrating Ten Years of Superior Service

Celebrating Ten Years of Superior Service
March 25, 2021 Team Morones

We honor Paul Heidt on his 10-year anniversary with Morones Analytics. During the past 10 years, attorneys and business owners have counted on Paul for solid business appraisals. He helps business owners understand value by looking under the hood, investigating the financial condition and clearly communicating the case for value.

Congratulations, Paul, on ten years of superior service!

Paul Heidt brings 20 years of specialized experience in financial analysis and research. He has performed 180+ business appraisals for litigation, gift and estate tax planning, marital dissolution, business transactions, reorganizations and succession planning. When there is more at risk, or a report is required by the IRS, Paul conducts an extensive investigation process and delivers a full appraisal. He performs more complex work that involves multi-tiered entities and comes up with different ways to attack issues that may not appear as the more obvious options.