Morones Analytics Continuing Legal Education Offerings

Morones Analytics Continuing Legal Education Offerings
May 6, 2019 Serena Morones

Morones Analytics Continuing Legal Education Offerings

Typical CLE Course Length: 1-2 hours

Morones Analytics presents CLE’s through various legal associations and in-firm lunch sessions.  The length and content of the presentation can be altered to fit the group’s needs.  If your group would like to request a presentation on one of these topics or request a presentation on a different topic, please contact Paul Heidt at [email protected]

 Business Valuation

    • Business Valuation and Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Business Valuation Basics: Nuts & Bolts
    • Develop Your Intuition about Value Multiples
    • Discounted Cash Flow
    • The New Tax Law and Its Impact on Business Valuation

Expert Testimony

    • Data Visualization: How Your Expert Can Help You Tell Your Story
    • Five Tips for Unimpeachable Expert Examination
    • Nine Building Blocks to a Solid Expert Opinion
    • Role Reversal-Our experts interview your lead litigators on best practices for using damage/valuation experts.

Financial Resolutions of Partnership Disputes (One Course with Five Parts)

    • Introduction
    • Accounting for Partner Services
    • Expenses Incurred by a Partners on Behalf of the Partnership
    • Identifying and Adjusting Personal Expenses
    • Partnership Accounting with Capital Accounts

 Forensic Accounting

    • How to Frame Conclusions in a Fraud Investigation
    • Personal Expenses–Is this Business or Personal?

Damages/Lost Profits

    •  Fundamentals of a Lost Profits Analysis


    •  Analysis of Financial Statements

Please contact Paul Heidt to schedule a CLE presentation.  [email protected] or 503-906-1583.