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We specialize in

Morones Analytics Services: Lost profits analysis

Lost Profits Analysis

We quantify business lost profits resulting from allegations of harm, such as claims for breach of contract.

Morones Analytics Services: Intellectual Property Damage

Intellectual Property Damage

We quantity damages resulting from allegations of patent and trademark infringement, as well as claims of false advertising and interference with economic relations.

Morones Analytics Services: Lost Wages Wrongful Death Damage

Lost Wages & Wrongful Death Damage

We calculate lost wages and benefits resulting from allegations of wrongful termination.  We also determine economic loss resulting from wrongful death.

Morones Analytics Services: Forensic Accounting Fraud Investigation

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation

We conduct accounting investigations involving allegations of financial malfeasance.  Many of our business valuation projects include reconstruction of financial statements and identifying personal expenses.  We also conduct fraud investigations, including allegations of employee embezzlement.

Morones Analytics Services: Data Analysis

Data Analytics

Many of our litigation projects include analysis of large, complex data sets.  We employ data analytics skills to assist with development of the liability case and to quantify damages.

Morones Analytics Services: Business Valuation

Business Valuation

We conduct business appraisals for litigation, estate planning, transactions and other purposes. We offer low scope calculations letters, as well as a more extensive option of a full appraisal report.

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