Celebrating Our Team — Jennifer Prager

Celebrating Our Team — Jennifer Prager
April 14, 2022 Ewelina Kajak
Jennifer Prager profile - Morones Analytics

Photo: Todd and Jennifer Prager

As we celebrate our firm’s 20th anniversary in 2022, we celebrate each of our team members. These monthly profiles are a way to learn about each of our financially-savvy forensic sharpshooters outside the office.


Jen grew up in a big family, number three of six kids, just south of San Francisco in Hillsborough. She met her husband Todd at UC Davis in a macroeconomics class, and they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary at the end of 2021. Their two daughters are 15 and 18 (a senior in high school with a lacrosse scholarship to Eastern Michigan University this fall).

After initially pursuing engineering in college, Jen decided to switch to an economics major her sophomore year. She developed an early interest in identifying money relationships and trends. Jen studied abroad in Australia for almost a year. Todd joined her for his summer break and they were lucky enough to go to the Sydney Olympics. After college, they lived in San Francisco for a few years but decided to make a change after Todd finished his master’s degree and Jen was pregnant with their second child. Jen’s grandfather grew up in Oregon, and it seemed like a natural move after living in the Bay Area all her life.

Jen has been a testifying expert with Morones Analytics since 2013, specializing in financial damages analysis and forensic accounting for more than 20 years. With deep experience at CPA firms and on large forensic cases in Portland and San Francisco, she has worked on several nationally known accounting investigations and litigation matters. Attorneys turn to her for a thorough financial analysis so they can enter trial or mediation with a credible calculation.


First job in high school: She worked at an Italian restaurant in the bakery, making coffee as a barista with a few of her classmates who also worked there, and worked multiple other food service jobs throughout high school.

Hobby: Playing and coaching soccer. With a strong competitive spirit, Jen played soccer through high school and has been on four different teams as an adult (co-ed and women’s), finding that there is always a need for women players. She initially joined a co-ed team over 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Additionally, she has also coached her daughters’ rec soccer teams since they started playing at four and five years old. They are proud Thorns fans and have season tickets.

Passionate about: Showing girls opportunities available to them and seeing women’s professional sports succeed. Jen has organized many events taking her girls’ soccer teams and their families to Thorns games. She recognizes what a difference it makes for girls to have role models to look up, to see other fierce women soccer players competing at the highest levels. She has gone to the Women’s World Cup in Canada and France.

Fun fact: Her family had lots of pets growing up: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, mice, birds and a duck, and there was always some kind of chaos going on.

Favorite show: Love watching The Office and Parks and Recreation as a family.

Favorite thing about working with the Morones Analytics team?

“Working with so many smart people! I have confidence in my opinions because I know they have been reviewed and challenged by my intelligent and competent colleagues.” — Jennifer Prager