Kevin Marold Moves to His Home State of Michigan

Kevin Marold Moves to His Home State of Michigan
April 24, 2024 Team Morones
Kevin Marold and Sarah Geoghan

Kevin Marold Moves to His Home State of Michigan

Kevin Marold and Sarah Geoghan
Photo: Kevin Marold and Sarah Geoghan

These profiles are a way to learn about each of our financially-savvy forensic sharpshooters outside the office.


A couple of years ago, Kevin embarked on vanlife. He swapped his permanent home for simplicity and the open road, stopping in the most picturesque places to work and play.

But a lot has changed for Kevin since then. Last fall, he and his now fiancée Sarah moved from Oregon back to their home state of Michigan. They both wanted to live closer to family and be active in a close-knit community. Since they decided to make Grand Rapids their home, they have enjoyed a warm welcome, personally and professionally.

Kevin is looking forward to getting more connected with his new community and adding value in the lost profits and economic damages service areas of forensic accounting. He’s also excited about joining the Grand Rapids Bar Association and serving on their Social Interaction and Finance Committees.

Bringing 18+ years of professional accounting experience, including at global accounting firms, in-house at Nike, and with Morones Analytics, Kevin will continue to serve clients from his new home in Michigan. He is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and works with attorneys and corporations to solve financial puzzles that help resolve disputes.




Highlights from vanlife: Usually that involved meeting other people, including in Baja at a big van-lifer event. That’s where he met a new friend and adventured together through Arizona and Utah’s epic landscapes, off-roading and visiting Monument Valley and Canyonlands. He also reunited with the group from Baja in Wyoming and appreciated being part of a traveling community that would explore, camp and cook together.

Sarah joined Kevin on the road a couple of times throughout his journeys. One of their most memorable experiences was spending 4th of July on the Oregon Coast in Yachats, where they watched the big waves, community parade and fireworks.

What he loves about Grand Rapids
: That it feels unique, friendly, open, and welcoming. People are very connected and invest in this philanthropic city that sees a lot of community activism. Kevin and Sarah joined the Grand Rapids Co-Op in support of local farmers markets, something Kevin is especially passionate about after serving on the Portland Farmers Market Board. He joined the finance committee at the Co-Op to help it get launched, since it’s in the pre-capital campaign phase.

Great outdoors experiences
: Kevin and Sarah climbed Mt. Hood together through Mazamas and she was alongside Kevin when he rode in Cycle Oregon last year.

With access to the Great Lakes, Kevin wants to become more adept on water and looks forward to bringing out the kayaks. For now, they’re enjoying the many trails, parks, and dunes and went cross-country skiing on lake-effect snow. They still have ties to the Pacific Northwest and have signed up for a 55K trail run together in Idaho this July.

Sports fans:
They’re getting back into football as official Detroit Lions fans, obviously.

What they’re looking forward to next
: Spending more time with both of their families. And of course, their wedding this August in Michigan followed by their honeymoon backpacking Machu Picchu in Peru. They’re also looking to buy a home this year.