Morones Analytics Community Connections-Michelle’s Love

Morones Analytics Community Connections-Michelle’s Love
January 9, 2018 Diana Dettwyler

Michelle’s Love is one of our favorite local non-profit organizations. Co-founded by Andy McCandless and her sister Bobby, this organization helps some of our most vulnerable members of society- single moms with cancer.

After losing her best friend to cancer, Andy wanted to help moms like her to be able to spend more quality time with their kids and less time worrying about cleaning and paying bills. With the help of her sister and generous donors, Michelle’s Love was founded and provides services of house cleaning, meal delivery, and financial assistance to single parents undergoing cancer treatment.

The Oregonian recently published an article about Andy and her organization.

We’re going to pay your bills, we’re going to clean your house and we’re going to give you dinner,” McCandless said. “Because if those three things are done, what else do you need?

We invite you to learn more about Michelle’s Love and consider joining us in supporting them.