Celebrating Our Team — Kevin Marold

Celebrating Our Team — Kevin Marold
June 10, 2022 Ewelina Kajak
Kevin Marold team profile - Morones Analytics

Photo: Kevin Marold and his van

As we celebrate our firm’s 20th anniversary in 2022, we celebrate each of our team members. These monthly profiles are a way to learn about each of our financially-savvy forensic sharpshooters outside the office.


Kevin grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan as the youngest of three brothers. Accounting runs in the family. His great-grandfather was one of the first Chartered Public Accountants in Iowa, and his grandfather started a firm that is still in business today. Inspired by his grandfather, he followed in his footsteps and pursued the same career. After discovering forensic accounting, Kevin knew it was the right fit because he thrives on doing the detective work, uncovering issues and shedding light on truth.

His curious and adventurous spirit has taken him on a journey of a lifetime over the last few months. Embarking on vanlife, he swapped his permanent home for simplicity and the open road, stopping in the most picturesque places to work and play (we’ve been lucky enough to get a glimpse of them on Zoom calls and photos). While most of us continue to work from home and the office, Kevin is living the ultimate remote work (or road warrior) experience. He has made his way down the West Coast to Baja and into Arizona with plans to visit family and friends across the Midwest through the end of the year.

Kevin is celebrating his 5-year anniversary with our team this June! With 15+ years of professional accounting experience, including at global accounting firms and in-house at Nike, he works with attorneys and corporations to solve financial puzzles that help resolve disputes. Determined to find that needle in the haystack, he is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and ready to ask the tough questions. Although here we’re asking a few of our own.


Interest: As a kid from the Motor City, he grew up around antique cars and naturally shared this interest with his father and grandfather. His dad spent his career in the auto industry and still has his father’s classic 1926 Studebaker. Kevin is now also well versed in all types of vans equipped for living on the road.

First jobs: Since he grew up playing soccer, Kevin got a job at the age of 12/13 as a soccer referee. His older brother was doing it too, and they even refereed tournaments together. During high school and college, he worked various roles in restaurants and got very comfortable in the kitchen. He loves cooking to this day and creating something with his hands.

Hobby: Photography became a passion after taking courses in high school. He used his grandfather’s camera and appreciated the hands-on process in the darkroom, always excited to see how his photos turned out. Now he mostly snaps shots of stunning landscapes capturing his travels.

Sports: He has skied throughout his life, making it to the mountains several times a year. Kicking Horse in Canada is one of his favorite spots. Being from Michigan, he was always a big fan of the Detroit Redwings but doesn’t follow them as much these days.

Quote to live by: “The success or failure of a given day is measured by the quality of interest and compassion of those around us.”

Favorite thing about working with the Morones Analytics team: “The team’s cohesion and how we refine one another’s work. Everyone has different strengths and skills and does a great job of building a better work product. We also gather around a similar mission and values, and everyone genuinely cares about one another.” —  Kevin Marold