Celebrating Our Team — Kori Bogard

Celebrating Our Team — Kori Bogard
July 14, 2022 Ewelina Kajak
Kori Bogard team member profile - Morones Analytics

Kori Bogard team member profile - Morones AnalyticsPhoto: Jess and Kori Bogard with their dog Lucy

As we celebrate our firm’s 20th anniversary in 2022, we celebrate each of our team members. These monthly profiles are a way to learn about each of our financially-savvy forensic sharpshooters outside the office.


Kori was born in Illinois but grew up moving around the country. His father’s work took their family to Texas, Michigan, and Louisiana and Kori finished high school in Ohio. While he didn’t like the idea of moving again, he always adapted, made new friends and enjoyed seeing different states.

After initially taking the chemical engineering path at the University of Cincinnati, Kori realized science wasn’t for him and switched to accounting. A criminal justice class is what sparked his interest in forensic accounting. He also met his wife Jess while finishing college and they got married three and a half years later. They lived in Pennsylvania for a few years and recently moved to the Cleveland area with their cat and golden retriever to be closer to family.

After college, Kori worked with a large, Midwest CPA firm, doing audits and tax returns for various types of businesses and individuals. But he wanted to pursue his interest in forensic accounting and went to work for the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, assisting attorneys and agents with criminal, civil and public protection cases.

Kori joined Morones Analytics in November of 2021, bringing a strong skillset in complex financial analysis and investigations. With expertise in a variety of accounting and investigative tools, Kori prepares sound expert opinions and testifies in support of his opinions. He also evaluates and responds to expert reports presented by opposing counsel.


First jobs: Worked at a restaurant making pizzas and sub sandwiches during high school. He later did a corporate internship with a petroleum company at a refinery in Louisiana where his dad worked.

Hobbies: Has always been a big sports fan, following LSU, the Bengals and the Cavs. Kori played basketball as a kid and football was his love all through high school. Big into competing, he also did CrossFit in college. Ever since then, Kori has continued weightlifting and recently built a gym in his garage.

Passion: The importance of mental health. He does daily meditations and believes in taking care of both his physical and mental well-being.

Interest: Learned about cryptocurrency in college and has done some investing. He is fascinated by the functionality and opportunities presented by blockchain.

What he’s watching: As someone who loves detective work and untangling a mystery to find the truth, Kori and his wife enjoy watching crime and mystery dramas. Severance is their current favorite psychological thriller TV series. They also enjoy podcasts on crime and murder documentaries.

What he’s reading: Usually psychology or sociology books about why people do the things they do. Right now, he is reading Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets.

Favorite thing about working with the Morones Analytics team: “I love working with the team we have at Morones. My colleagues are smart, talented, and collaborative. As I work through complex cases I always have confidence in the work I am doing, knowing I have the support of our team behind me.” —  Kori Bogard