Red Flags in Valuation

Red Flags in Valuation
November 2, 2018 Alina Niculita

Written by Business Valuator Alina Niculita, this article featured in the Fall Issue of Family Lawyer Magazine outlines tools to help busy lawyers spot red flags in valuation reports.

Red Flags in Valuation

Valuation reports are often voluminous and highly complex. Here are some simple qualitative tools to spot red flags and to assess the overall reasonableness of a valuation report.

The task of reviewing a valuation report can be a daunting one, especially to someone without valuation training. Family law attorneys are often presented with valuation reports for their clients or for the opposing side and are faced with the question of whether the valuation is “good.”

Short of becoming an appraiser overnight, what is a busy attorney to do to decide whether a valuation report passes a basic “smell test?”

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