Morones Analytics 21st Anniversary – Reflections on what we love most about working together

Morones Analytics 21st Anniversary – Reflections on what we love most about working together
October 4, 2023 Team Morones
Morones Analytics team

Morones Analytics 21st Anniversary – October 2023Morones Analytics team

A big thank you to our clients for their trust in us to uncover truth in high-stakes cases.

While rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we have grown with professionals and cases in the Midwest, Southwest and across the country.

As we celebrate our 21st anniversary and look forward to continued growth, we reflect on the things we love most about working on the Morones Analytics team.


We asked our colleagues — What do you love most about working with the Morones Analytics team?


Kori Bogard

“My colleagues are smart, talented, and collaborative. As I work through complex cases I always have confidence in the work I am doing, knowing I have the support of our team behind me.” —  Kori Bogard, CPA, CFE, CFF


“Everyone brings a unique talent and skillset, and it brings out the best in my work performance. They are all also truly nice and caring people to work with.”Paul Heidt, CPA, ASA, ABV, Director of Valuation Research


Kevin Marold“The team’s cohesion and how we refine one another’s work. Everyone has different strengths and skills and does a great job of building a better work product. We also gather around a similar mission and values, and everyone genuinely cares about one another.” —  Kevin Marold, CPA, ABV, CFE, CFF


Serena Morones“The fun of working with people over many years who have incredibly high standards and are wonderful human beings.” —  Serena Morones, CPA, ASA, ABV, CFE


Jennifer Murphy“I appreciate knowing that there are super smart people who will have my back and challenge me to be as accurate and correct in my work as possible.”Jennifer Murphy, CPA, CFE, CFF



Alina Niculita, Business Valuation Expert“I am equally proud and humbled to be part of such an amazing group of professionals. Each and every member of the Morones Analytics team was carefully handpicked because they not only excelled as professionals and are really good at what they do, but also because they are very nice people. There are many things I enjoy about being part of the team, but if I had to pick one it’s the standard of excellence that everyone stands by in their work. I love the challenge to continuously learn and to always improve, and that is something the Morones Analytics team does best!”
Alina Niculita, ASA, CFA, ARM-BV, MBA, Director of Valuation Services


Jennifer Prager“Working with so many smart people! I have confidence in my opinions because I know they have been reviewed and challenged by my intelligent and competent colleagues.”
Jennifer Prager, CPA, CFE, CVA, ABV, MAFF, Director


Tyson Slesnick“Morones Analytics resonated with me because it is a firm that prides itself in embracing analytical complexity. Top talent, collaboration and intellectual curiosity are what set this team apart.  I look forward to helping our clients find truth in complex financial issues.” —  Tyson Slesnick, CFE, Forensic Data Analyst


“This team is impressive, knowledgeable and provides excellent analysis along with outstanding client service. Equally impressive is the care and support everyone shows to one another, not only on client engagements but as coworkers in general. It’s a group of genuinely great people to know and work alongside.” —  Terry Whitehead, CPA, ASA