Jennifer Prager – Celebrating 10 Years of Superior Service

Jennifer Prager – Celebrating 10 Years of Superior Service
October 11, 2023 Team Morones
Jennifer Prager

Jennifer Prager celebrating 10 years at Morones Analytics


We honor Jennifer Prager on her 10-year anniversary with Morones Analytics.

A testifying expert, Jennifer has specialized in financial damages analysis and forensic accounting for 20+ years.
Attorneys turn to her for a thorough financial analysis so they can enter trial or mediation with a credible calculation.
She enjoys digging into the messy financial data, untangling multiple assets and pulling the evidence together into a powerful story to be part of a solution.

Congratulations, Jennifer, on ten years of superior service!

Jennifer Prager brings clarity in a financial dispute to provide clients with realistic expectations and a solid understanding of the facts so they can make better decisions along the way. Her case experience includes a number of nationally known accounting investigations and litigation matters. She has analyzed complex litigation cases involving construction disputes, shareholder disputes, divorce, securities lawsuits, fraud and embezzlement, employment issues, commercial contracts and insurance.