Welcoming Forensic Accountant Kori Bogard to Our Team

Welcoming Forensic Accountant Kori Bogard to Our Team
December 9, 2021 Ewelina Kajak
Kori Bogard

Kori Bogard

Welcoming forensic accountant
Kori Bogard to our team

Kori Bogard is skilled at performing complex financial analysis and investigations leveraging several years of experience with the office of an attorney general and a major accounting firm.




“We’re growing our team, and with the addition of Kori, we have another testifying expert with a valuable forensic accounting background in both the private and government sectors.” – Serena Morones

Bringing expertise in a variety of accounting and investigative tools, along with strong presentation skills, Kori prepares sound expert opinions, including written reports, and testifies in support of his opinions. He also evaluates and responds to expert reports presented by opposing counsel.

His previous experience includes forensic accounting for the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General where he worked with attorneys and agents to assist them with criminal, civil and public protection cases. His role included review of financial documents to investigate criminal allegations or civil litigation issues, research case-related topics, search for hidden assets, interviews of individuals related to a case and expert testimony.

Kori started his career with a large Midwest accounting firm for four years working on audits for corporations, nonprofits and governmental entities and tax returns for both entities and individuals.

“I decided to join Morones Analytics because our core values align, and I will be able to continue to pursue my passion of searching for the truth within the litigation arena. I am excited to join such an incredibly talented team and plan to leverage my years of forensic accounting, investigation, and testifying experience to assist the clients of this esteemed firm.” – Kori Bogard

Kori Bogard, CPA, CFE

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